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Bravo 48-hour pH Testing


Acid reflux is one of the most common digestive illnesses Americans face today. Most commonly patients with reflux complain of heartburn or indigestion, but reflux can also trigger chest pain, nausea, chronic coughing, a lingering sore throat, and liquid regurgitation. We diagnose reflux via a routine clinical history, by giving a trial of an acid blocker pill, or with performing an Upper GI Endoscopy (EGD). However, sometimes these measures fail to tell us what is going on, and we need a different way to assess for acid reflux. Bravo testing involves having your GI physician attach a very small clip to the lining of the lower esophagus. This clip usually causes no discomfort, and it measures acid levels in the esophagus every 20 seconds for 48 hours. The clip sends a Bluetooth radio signal to a recording device that the patient carries with them. After 48 hours, the patient returns the recording device to our office, and we analyze the data with a complex computer program. This allows us to tell whether a patient’s symptoms are due to acid reflux or to something else.