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Breath Testing


SWGI has maintained a state of the art breath testing lab for over 20 years. We use breath testing to diagnose many conditions, including a stomach infection called H. Pylori. This infection is a leading cause of peptic ulcers of the stomach and intestine. Eradicating this infection with antibiotics has been shown to prevent ulcers from recurring. Breath testing is also commonly used to diagnose poor absorption of dietary sugars, like lactose and fructose, that can lead patients to have problems with gas and diarrhea. Another type of breath test is frequently used to diagnose SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. This condition is quite common and involves the small intestine having a tremendous excess of bacteria. These excess bacteria cause patients to have bloating, gas, nausea, abdominal pain, loose stool, and incomplete food absorption. When diagnosed with SIBO, patients are treated with antibiotics which frequently leads to improvement in these bothersome symptoms.