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Collaborating with your doctor for your best health.

As part of your total healthcare, we support your primary doctor's efforts to keep you healthy. That’s why we collaborate with your physician, asking questions, responding quickly to inquiries and keeping your doctor informed. And if we perform endoscopy, we send your doctor an uncommonly detailed report — complete with images and recommendations — the day of your procedure.

Specialized care is your patients' best chance for relief from GI problems.

Like everyone, physicians have their strengths and interests. At the same time, there is an immeasurable number of symptoms, disorders, diseases, diagnostics and therapies. For these reasons, as we physicians strive to give every patient the best possible care, we depend on specialists.

In fact, medical specialization is the standard of care. Diagnostic imaging is interpreted by radiologists rigorously trained in imaging. Likewise, pregnancies are handled by obstetricians. Cardiac problems go to cardiologists, cancers to oncologists and broken bones to orthopedic surgeons. And gastrointestinal issues, including colorectal cancer screenings, should be referred to gastroenterologists.

All colonoscopies are not created equal.

As the "gold standard" colorectal exam, colonoscopy is commonplace. But the performance of a screening colonoscopy does not guarantee a patient's safety or the exam's diagnostic accuracy. Compared to non-GI physicians, gastroenterologists have been found in several large studies to be more likely to examine the entire colon and to detect abnormalities. Also, colonoscopies and other endoscopic GI exams performed by gastroenterologists result in fewer perforations and other complications.

The right training & a greater volume of experience with endoscopy.

With any procedure, patients' safety and best results depend on specialists who are informed, well-practiced and prepared for what may come. Gastroenterologists train for two to three years in endoscopy and in every aspect of digestive disorders. Also, their board certification testifies to their having the highest level of competence. Unfortunately, certain endoscopy procedures, particularly colonoscopy, are sometimes performed by physicians who lack certified competence, have only a few weeks of endoscopy training and have little or no training and experience in GI disorders.

Patients' best health depends on continuous improvement & comprehensive care.

Physicians must pursue continuing education and training within their specialty. The most up-to-date and effective care, therefore, is provided by the appropriate specialist. For GI problems, GIs also tend to have the most complete diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. And they are the specialists who other physicians depend on to handle challenging and complex GI cases.

At Southwestern Gastrointestinal Specialists, all five of our board-certified gastroenterologists possess the specialty training, credentials and experience you depend on and demand for your patients' specialized needs. We also have the up-to-date capabilities and complete care that many patients and physicians think is only available in Pittsburgh. We welcome your inquiries and referrals.