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Christopher Byers, DD

Christopher Byers

Information Technology Manager, Privacy and Security Officer

Bachelor's Degree: Pennsylvania State University - Letters, Arts, & Sciences Degree with a specialty in Computer Science and Chemistry Research. Member of Pi Sigma Phi, Honors Society. President of the Christian Club on campus.
Certified Languages: C++, C#, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, Java, JavaScript, SQL, XML, Visual Basic, .NET, Ruby, RGSS2, Python.
Doctorate: Doctor of Divinity - Ordained by Rev. Quinton Mills, Rev. David Bates, and Open Ministry. Religious training by Faith Baptist Academy. Reverend and Youth Minister of Crimson Cross Ministries.

"First and foremost, all credit of my life's accomplishments go to Jesus. My career path hasn't been rigidly linear. When I was young I discovered a passion for programming and taught myself to code in Assembly and several other languages. At the age of 12 I completed my very first video game, which I happily shared with my friends. At the time, I thought I would become a game designer. While still a student at Penn State, I completed several research projects along side Dr. Prem Sattsangi. He is one of my mentors and still a very good friend. Our research on Inorganic Qualitative Analysis was presented at the international Merlot conference and is published in the Journal of Chemical Education. At Penn State, I also wrote educational software for teaching chemistry. The software simulated various lab experiments, related to our research, at the time."

"The computer science teachers as well as Dr. Sattsangi all recognized my gift for programming. This helped cement my ambition as a professional programmer. In addition to programming, I also loved art and graphic arts. Because of my unique set of skills my art teacher, David DiPietro, recommended me for completing 11 signs for the Connellsville Historical Society's Walking Tour. Today, I still combine my love of both art and programming to make wonderful websites (including this one) and video games for fun."

"Before working for Southwestern Gastrointestinal Specialists, I held several other I.T. positions. I even started my own small business, for web design and computer repair, Angel Computer Services. Besides computers and art, I also love working with kids and teaching the Gospel. I went to a Christian high school; there, I made a promise to my teacher, Amanda Bane. She, and several others, saw my love for the Lord and wanted me to go into ministry and become a Pastor. My promise was, even after I get my career, whatever it may be, I would still study the Gospel and become a minister. She is sadly passed now, but keeping true to my promise, I did become an ordained Reverend with a Doctorate in Divinity."

"I've never felt that God called me to become a full-time minister, but I do run a youth ministry with a long-time friend of mine, Roger Yeager, Jr.. Together we founded Crimson Cross Ministries to help rekindle youths' faith in Christ. Today, I still keep in touch with my mentors and instructors, sometimes having tea, and soaking in life's wisdom. Aside from work, I enjoy camping, spending time with family, and playing typical nerdy games like Pokémon and Dungeons & Dragons with friends. I've not yet married and don't have any children of my own but God is saving the perfect person for me."