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Nutrition Consultations


Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy is an essential component of comprehensive health care. At SWGI we have a Registered Dietitian with a Masters Degree in Dietary Science that can help to improve the symptoms of a number of gastrointestinal conditions. She can also advise patients on dietary therapy for diabetes, high cholesterol, and other non-GI problems. The goal for Medical Nutrition Therapy is to work with our Dietitian to improve overall health and quality of life and to incorporate lifestyle changes that will impact long-term eating habits. The dietitian counsels individuals, and together they set realistic and achievable goals.

Medical Nutrition Therapy services include:


GI Disorders:
Celiac disease
Lactose intolerance
Irritable bowel syndrome


Non-GI Disorders:
Cardiovascular disease (hypertension, dyslipidemia, congestive heart failure)
Renal Disease
Diabetes (Type1 and Type 2)
Weight Management
General Wellness