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Procedure Information and Preps


Once you are scheduled for your procedure you will be instructed to follow specific pre-procedure instructions. For your convenience we have added these instructions below for you to print out. If you have any questions about your upcoming procedure or the instructions, please do not hesitate to contact Southwestern Endoscopy Center at 724-439-8906. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

Colonoscopy General Brochure

2 Day Colonoscopy Prep (Use if advised)
Colonoscopy Prep 1 - Suprep
Colonoscopy EXTRA Prep - Suprep
Colonoscopy Prep 2 - Golytely
Colonoscopy EXTRA Prep - Nulytely
Colonoscopy Prep 3 - HalfLytely
Colonoscopy Prep 4 - Miralax-Gatorade Prep
Colonoscopy Prep 5 - Prepopik Prep

Patient Rights
Advanced Directive Information

You will need to pick up a script from our office for the nausea medication that is prescribed, or we can mail to you if we are informed in advance of your procedure date.

EGD General Brochure

Patient Rights
Advanced Directive Information

Other Office Visit Preps:
Ultrasound Prep
Esophageal Motility Prep
Bravo Prep
Pillcam Endoscopy Prep
Hydro Breath Test Prep
H. Pylori Test Prep
Clear Liquid Diet

Additional Prep information can be found at: