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The SWGI Nutrition Center has recently begun to treat patients with an exciting new medical weight loss program. Ideal Protein is a 4-phase program that provides patients with a low carb, low fat, ideal amount of protein in their diet. This causes the pancreas to produce low levels of insulin, that in turn triggers the body to burn excess fat. Patient obtain food from our dietitian for two meals and one snack per day. The dietitian guides our patients on appropriate grocery choices for the evening meal. It is time to start the journey of becoming a happier, healthier, YOU!

Phase 1: Meet with our Nutritionist for a full consultation, establish a goal weight, and purchase our IDEAL PROTEIN foods. To measure the success of Phase 1, each dieter must meet with our Nutritionist weekly for 15 minutes until 100% of the weight goal is reached.

Phase 2: After reaching the target weight, whole foods are gradually reintroduced into the diet over a 2 week period.

Phase 3: For the next 2 weeks carbohydrates are gradually increased in the diet. This allows the pancreas to “wake up” from a resting state and function in a healthy manner.

Phase 4: Maintenance. Clients maintain their goal weight by adhering to relatively sensible carbohydrates, appropriate fats, and adequate protein diet that the Nutritionist coaches them on. There is room for a “fun day” each week for patients to enjoy their favorite foods. As needed, the Nutritionist is available for follow up appointments at no charge.

We encourage everybody who is considering Ideal Protein to attend one of our workshops whereby a professional presentation is given, foods can be sampled, and questions can be answered.

Please call 724-437-7677 to sign up for the workshop!