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In March of 2020, in an attempt to continue to help patients with their digestive health needs during the Covid-19 pandemic, we developed an easy-to-use telemedicine system for performing care visits. We first try to conduct these sessions using an audio-video connection with our patients via the internet platform. If this fails, we use other video chat systems, such as Facetime or Skype. If we are unable to do this, for whatever reason, we conduct office visits by way of a simple telephone call. Nearly all health insurers cover these virtual office visits. A formal written report is created by the GI care provider after each visit that is incorporated into our electronic medical records system. We have received highly favorable reviews from patients about our new telemedicine system. When this pandemic clears, we look forward to welcoming back most of our patients to our office, but we envision some instances in the future when our new telemedicine program will be highly valuable.


Begin by testing your current internet browser by using the blue provider buttons below. If you get to the sign-in page you should be good. Otherwise, you may need to have the Firefox or Chrome web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet for telemedicine to work. If you need Firefox or Chrome on your device please use the appropriate link below.


Windows Computer

firefox button

Android Smartphone / Tablet

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Apple iPhone / Tablet

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When you're ready please choose your provider's telemedicine link below. After clicking the click you will be redirected to Enter your first and last Name when prompted and enable all access to your front facing camera and microphone.