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Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is a medically supervised ketogenic weight loss protocol that resets the body to burn fat empowering weight loss for long-lasting health. Our three-phase, scientifically developed, structured approach combined with one-on-one coaching helps you lose weight and learn, step-by-step, how to keep the weight off.

If you’ve dieted before, you may know a diet low in carbs with the right amount of protein is ideal for optimal weight loss. But not all protein is created equal. We are partial meal replacement, meaning partly our Ideal Protein Foods and partly grocery store foods. Our foods are a requirement for the weight loss portion of the program because it ensures that you are eating low fat, low carb and adequate amounts of protein.Our protein is of high biological value and contains all nine essential amino acids. It’s delivered in an “isolate” form which is absorbed and assimilated faster to preserve muscle mass and protect metabolism, helping you reach your goals in a healthy, holistic way. There are no stimulants, no suppressants, no shots, just science! There are weekly 15 minute appointments to make sure everything is going smoothly for you, and if something is not, I am here to help you! Every single step of the way!

The Phases:

Phase 1 - RESET BODY: Optimize fat loss through nutritional ketosis and preserve lean body mass through an adequate daily intake of high biological protein. Essential nutrients are provided through daily supplements, water and low-glycemic vegetables. You are on phase 1 until you reach 100% of your weight goal. Weight loss does not have to be a number, you can do so many weeks on the program, certain pants size etc. etc., point being it does not need to be a number on the scale. You receive a Phase 1 sheet with all of the information on what you can and cannot eat. Come in for your 15 minutes weigh in appointment.

Phase 2 - Stabilization RESET MIND: You reached your goal now it is time to Phase off the program! Beginning with a Step-down week, food intake is recorded for seven days to create nutritional foundation for Stabilization. Healthy fats and complex carbs are reintroduced in a measured and deliberate fashion, assessing the tolerance each week to effectively manage hunger and maintain weight loss. You will We start taking away our Ideal Protein foods and Start introducing more whole foods. This Phase is roughly 2 months Come in for your 15 minutes weigh in appointment.

Phase 3 - Maintenance RESET POSSIBLE: You are completely off of the IP foods. You are still coming in once a week to make sure we are doing everything we are supposed to be doing. We play with certain food groups and combinations of foods. Then we slowly start "breaking up" meaning you do not come in every week, just a couple times through out the year to make sure you are doing okay. But you never have to wait until your appointment to ask me ANY questions, you can call/text/email.

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